Archives for April 2018

Dillon Danial

“A very informative school I would highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to learn to drive or further their education on driving!”

Nitin Mahajan

“Thanks Zahir and Omar for the training. Amazing trainers and great experience! Cannot get a better deal than this…Learning was a very smooth!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended!”

Diego Oshiro

“All seasons driving school is a great driving school to attend. The in class session was very eductational and informative and the driving portion taught me a lot of driving safely on the roads!!”

Aila Cañazares – Reus

“Omg! What else i can say Mr. Zahir? I was just really nervous & scared this morning then now I already have my G2? Well, thank you is actually not enough to say. You are just one of the best driving instructor i ever worked with. Thank you so much for your patient and for being professional. I will definitely give you two thumbs up for all your help Mr. Zahir! Thank you! And thank you to ALL SEASON DRIVING SCHOOL!”

Jermaine Roberts

“So far the experience has not been a bad one. the Teachers are professional and seem to have good experience and knowledge. Looking forward to finish the course.”

Ahmad Ovo

“I went to All Seasons Driving School, my favourite part was how comfortable the instructors are and how easy it was to interact with them. At All Seasons Driving School the teachers made me feel so comfortable and connected to me on a more person level. They did a great job informing us of all the risk thats presented while driving but at the same time allowed us to feel confident about driving despite all the hazards on the road. I really found the course informative. I shared a lot of new information with my family members and friends who were experienced drivers. All the instructors were fun and interactive with all the students. The instructors were very informative and passed on a lot of knowledge on how to be safe on the road. A very special thanks to the entire team at All Seasons Driving School.”

Chris Zaczek

“All seasons was a great place you cant beat their prices and Zahir is a great guy. Im planning to go back to him before I get my G. Anyone complaining about him has nothing better to do with their time and doesnt know the first thing about driving. Really knows how to teach defensive driving and I leave this course with confidence.”

Luca Caccavella

“A very enjoyable experience. Classes are very helpful and are taught well by teachers who enjoy teaching and make the class very enjoyable.”

Hillary Brooks

“All seasons driving school is the best. They make you feel comfortable to drive. The driving instructors are very polite and willing to help you with anything. I would recommend all seasons driving school to everyone.”

NM Mlk

“Just got my G license thanks to Mr. Malik and All Seasons Driving School. They were very accommodating in terms of scheduling for lessons. I felt very comfortable learning with Mr. Malik as he was very patient, and also providing me with helpful tips on how to be safe on the road. I would recommend going to the driving school for both the in class and in car lessons if you’re looking for professional expertise and affordable rates.”