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Automatic Special Offer Price

Terms and Conditions

**The 10 lesson offer is split into 2 parts, the pupil will have 6 lessons at the beginning (taken in 2 hour slots), and the remaining 4 lessons in the 2 weeks before the practical driving test with normal lesson rates charged in between. The term lesson is a duration of 1 hour, and the offer is for 2 hour sessions. There cannot be a break between the lessons of more than 2 weeks, otherwise the remaining lessons will become invalid, and any restart is at standard rates.This offer is purely to assist in continuity of learning, ultimately leading to you passing within the UK average time frame. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked. This does not affect your statutory rights. All offers are non refundable unless otherwise specified. This offer is strictly for drivers with no experience.

If you have previous driving experience (less than 10hours),then you are entitled to have 5 lessons for £65 split into 2 parts the pupil will have 2 lessons at begining (taken in 2 hour slots) and the remaining 1 hour on the week of the driving test.

**If you have previous driving experience then you are entitled to have an assessment lesson , you have this lesson as a 2 hour session at value of £25. The total fee is to be paid before or on the lesson in all special offers.

These offers do not include cost of car on test day .