Standard Lessons


  • Not so long ago, the price of an automatic car was considerably higher than the cost of a comparable manual, the gearboxes themselves were also physically bulky, this meant that the automatic option was often saved for the more expensive end of the market, often large cars – not generally suited to learner drivers.
  • Modern technical improvements have made it practical for car makers to offer automatic gearbox options in much smaller cars today, with most manufacturers able to offer an automatic variant in their small car ranges. This, in turn, has led more and more learners to decide to take their lessons in automatic cars.

People’s individual reasons for learning automatic differ greatly, but include:

  • Not having to worry about the gears means one less distraction when facing busy, difficult traffic.
  • Clients with physical or learning disabilities who find the concept of clutch and gearbox too much or daunting.
  • The car runs more efficiently saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.
  • No jerky clutch movement means a smooth ride for your passengers.

Be aware that if you pass your test in an automatic as a category B1 license you WILL NOT be legally
entitled to drive a manual car without L plates and supervising driver until you sit and pass the test
again in a manual car.


Automatic Standard Price